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The State of Vermont is the leading onshore captive insurance domicile, with over 1,000 licensed captive insurance companies. Known as the "Gold Standard" of captive domiciles, Vermont is the preferred domicile to more than 1,000 captives, including 48 of the Fortune 100 and 18 of the companies that make up the Dow 30. To learn more about Vermont's unparalleled government support for establishing a captive, Contact us or get started with our easy, online questionnaire.

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Aug 9, 2016—Vermont Wins Top U.S. Domicile for Captive Insurance for Fourth Year. Captive Review Magazine Unveils Industry Awards.

The State of Vermont has again been awarded the top U.S. Domicile for “Vermont’s inability to stand still and its continued desire to lead the captive industry.” This is the fourth year that the State of Vermont has been honored with this award, which was presented by Captive Review Magazine during the U.S. Captive Services Awards held on August 8 in Burlington, Vermont. Judges commented that “despite Vermont being one of the most mature domiciles in the world, its net captive formation numbers remain positive while premium and asset under management figures are the largest in the world.” The award describes Vermont as “investing in its captive and RRG examination team as well as the solid commitment demonstrated by state government in the annual update of captive legislation.” MORE [+]

Jan 22, 2015—Vermont Captive Insurance Gross Written Premium Nears $30B

Vermont licensed 16 new captives in 2014 and the state’s captive insurance gross written premium is nearing $30 billion, according to data released today by the Vermont Captive Insurance Division. The new captives were made up of 10 pure captives, two sponsored, two special purpose financial insurers, one association and one Risk Retention Group. Two new captives were re-domesticated from Bermuda and Delaware. MORE [+]


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